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June 24, 2014
Geek vs Geek: Is the FAVI Pico Projector Worth It?

June 19, 2014
Review: FAVI Boomerang Wireless Speaker

All in all, the FAVI Boomerang performs and delivers. It absolutely beats out stock speakers in any mobile device. The major selling point is the way it handles and tilts tablet screens for optimal viewing.
Of course, one may argue that a separate speaker and tablet stand can serve the same purpose. But why have two devices when the Boomerang wraps it all in one? It’s convenient, and you can wear it around your neck. What? It’s fun.
Even if an encased tablet is too thick for the grooves, the FAVI Boomerang has muscle enough to hold it up anyway. The design works, and the speaker folds down for easy packing.

June 13, 2014
Boomerang Produces High-Quality Sound

The FAVI Boomerang is a dual wireless Bluetooth speaker with NFC connect. It's a portable home theater for your iPad. Honestly, I was shocked at how fabulous the sound quality was when I tested it out...The expansion sleeve design of the crescent shaped speakers allows for easy adjustable sizing for the neck and viewing angle for the iPad.

April 30, 2014
The FAVI Audio+ Speaker Seamlessly Amplifies Your Smartphone

The Favio Audio+ is a pyramid-shaped wireless speaker that can automatically amplify smartphone sounds. The device uses 'Set to Connect' technology; this means users don't need to plug their phone into the speaker or pair it via Bluetooth. Instead, they just turn the speaker on and set their device on the speaker to get it to work.

April 17, 2014
The Favi Pico+: A Powerhouse Projector in a Small Package

About the size of a phablet smartphone, the Pico+ stands barely an inch tall. It’s perhaps a bit large for a pocket, but certainly an easy fit in any carry-on bag.
Along one side you’ll find an impressive array of inputs: HDMI, microSD, and USB, plus a microUSB port for charging the projector’s 5,000mAh battery. This last is good not only for about three hours of runtime (according to Favi), but also for charging a mobile device like a smartphone. Yep: the Pico+ doubles as a portable charger.

April 16, 2014

The speaker does have an identifying mark on it which is Favi Audio logo on the front as well as the Set to connect icon, on the bottom of the speaker you will find the small speaker the two speaker grills on the side are part of a echo chamber effort followed by 3 lights blue red blue, The magic of this speaker is you don’t have to pair just make sure your bluetooth is indeed on then just place the iPhone charger down on the speaker in the coming weeks I will be testing this on Android phone and will be able to tell if it works by first guessing I am going to say NO since the pictures on the box are of a iPhone Looking to design I have tested something like this at CES this year at a larger scale so I’m glad to see a smaller product with the same concept this speaker indeed lives up to the fresh design in my opinion...

April 10, 2014
The Favi J6-LED-PICO: Leading the Pico Projector Pack

The J6-LED-PICO uses a DLP® chipset paired with an LED light source, meaning it has a long lamp life (30,000 hours to be exact). Resolution of the images are 854x480 (WVGA) at up to 85 lumens of brightness. This is bright enough to generate large images in moderate lighting. A 5000mAh internal battery assures playback time of 3+ hours on a single charge. With the ability to connect to devices via full-HDMI, full-USB, and microSD, the J6-LED-PICO is pretty flexible. However, it is the ability to stream wirelessly via Miracast, Airplay, and DLNA that really has us impressed. With all these features, it's easy to see why we published a video as soon as the package arrived!

March 29, 2014
Miracast Review of the Favi Pico+ J6-LED-PICO

We check out the Miracast wireless streaming capability of the Favi Pico+ J6-LED-PICO DLP pico projector. The J6-LED-PICO is perfect for gaming, web surfing, watching movies, and more...All from your Android mobile device!!

March 25, 2014
A big name for a small device, the FAVI Swivel Screen Portfolio Case with Bluetooth Keyboard

The FAVI Swivel Screen Portfolio Case with Bluetooth keyboard (hence forth known as the FAVI case) is my latest find. I know there are several clam shell keyboard type cases on the market for iPads, but this one is unique in the way it is designed. The FAVI case is designed to be three separate sections that all integrate into one to make the case a compact laptop like setup. The FAVI case consists of a Bluetooth keyboard, an iPad Air case and a stand that connects all the sections together. - Larry Geisz

March 12, 2014
FAVI introduces Swivel Screen Portfolio keyboard case for iPad Air

The Swivel Screen Portfolio for iPad Air will by no means render your laptop irrelevant, but it may help you replace it with your iPad for a few more tasks. FAVI Entertainment’s Swivel Screen Portfolio Case features a built-in Bluetooth keyboard, but that’s no big deal; many cases do these days. What’s different is that keyboard attaches to a rotating stand that makes it easy to position the iPad for the best viewing angle. Whether you’re sitting at your desk, in an airplane or on the floor (don’t do that…it’s bad for your back), and whether you’re typing, watching movies or playing games, the Swivel Screen Portfolio Case will allow you to position the iPad accordingly. - Kirk Hiner

March 8, 2014

Don't let the shape of the Boomerang fool you. Although the device's crescent shape makes it look like a pair of headphones, it actually functions as a wireless NFC/Bluetooth speaker you can wear around your neck. Or if that's too much "jewelry'' for your tastes, you can set it on a table and use it to prop up your phone, turning the speaker into a micro-sized home theater. Either way, the speaker from FAVI Entertainment can deliver about 10 hours of respectable sound on one charge. - Deborah Porterfield

February 25, 2014
TechnologyTell Review: FAVI Wireless Keyboard

The FAVI Wireless Keyboard gives the functionality of a full keyboard in a shrunk-down size. It’s slightly longer than most large smartphones, but narrower, and about as thick as one with a protective case on. It holds comfortably like a remote control, which is especially so when using the laser. Although lightweight, the keyboard is pretty sturdy for what it is. I wouldn’t sit on it or hide it under something heavy, but it holds up against and resists mighty finger mashing. - Stanley Goodner

February 10, 2014
FAVI Radio-Free iPhone SpeakerStand Is Perfect For The Kitchen

Whenever I play music or podcasts in my kitchen, I use a Bluetooth speaker. This means first getting the speaker to talk to the iPhone, and then it means finding a safe spot in the kitchen where my iPhone won’t get killed by spills. The FAVI solves both these problems, by being a stand which connects wirelessly to your iPhone when you set it down on the cradle. 

 The speaker appears to use inductive tech to pick up the good vibrations of your iPhone’s speaker magnet, and then taking that signal and amplifying it. - Charlie Sorrel

February 10, 2014
FAVI audio+ Set to Connect speaker simplifies wireless speaker connectivity

When it boils down to your choice of wireless speakers, you would have plenty of models to choose from in the market at the moment. FAVI Entertainment has decided to throw their weight into the market by having a say in the form of a simplified wireless speaker thanks to its new audio+ Set to Connect speaker, so that you will be able to wirelessly play music in an instant. All that you need to do is to place your mobile device on the speaker in order to connect, and to disconnect, remove it. Apart from delivering a quick music-listening solution, the audio+ would also function as an inexpensive alternative conferencing solution for both offices and board rooms. 

 - Edwin

February 8, 2014
FAVI Entertainment releases Audio+ Set to Connect speaker

FAVI Entertainment has released a new speaker for smart phones and tablets that allows wireless connection to a device without the hassle of pairing. The Audio+ Set to Connect speaker merely requires the device to be placed on the docking space in order to connect to the speaker via induction. No fiddling with Bluetooth or Wi-Fi is required.

February 7, 2014
Forget Bluetooth pairing with this speaker

The FAVI audio+ Set to Connect Wireless Speakers uses “induction technology to amplify the sound of your tablet or smartphones’ onboard speakers. The audio+ amplifies your device’s speaker by 6x, while also adding treble and bass-booster technology, giving you powerful sound without the added frustration of cables or pairing through Bluetooth. Simply set it on the dock and enjoy up to 6 hours of enhanced audio.” The speakers have rechargeable batteries that give you up to six hours of sound from a single charge. - Janet Cloninger

February 5, 2014
Instantly connect with the Favi audio+ Set to Connect wireless speaker

But if you want it to be even easier, you’ll want to check out the new audio+ Set to Connect speaker from FAVI Entertainment. With it, you can play music simply by placing your mobile device on the speaker. That makes it easy to listen to music, of course, but the executive in you probably thinking the same thing I am; with the audio+, your iPhone can instantly become inexpensive and convenient conferencing solution. The audio+ uses induction technology to amplify the sound of your tablet or smartphones’ onboard speakers. The audio+ amplifies your devices speaker by 6x, while also adding treble and bass-booster technology, giving you powerful sound without the added frustration of cables or pairing through Bluetooth. Simply set it on the dock and enjoy up to 6 hours of enhanced audio. 

 - Kirk Hiner

February 5, 2014
FAVI Introduces Set To Connect Wireless Speaker

FAVI Entertainment has released the audio+ Set to Connect speaker, allowing you to wirelessly play music by placing your mobile device on the speaker to connect and removing it to disconnect. 

January 18, 2014

Have you ever shown a video at work? It wasn't so long ago that to do so, you'd have to call Ned from the IT department and have him lug a projector into the conference room. Now, whether you want to display a video at work or anywhere else, you can do so from your laptop or mobile device with a little assist from FAVI Entertainment's Wi-Fi-enabled Pico+ Projector with Miracast and Airplay wireless display.

January 14, 2014
Favi Pico+ Projector with Miracast and Airplay Wireless display

Measuring roughly the size of a cell phone, this particular pico projector would have no qualms about planting itself into the side of a notebook bag, or to reside in a purse or in a backpack side pocket. Not only that, it wants to make sure that it can last the distance, which is why it comes with a best-in-class 5,000mAh battery that is able to run for a good 3 hours of continuous playback in eco-mode, while its power bank feature would also let you juice up your mobile device, both while projecting or when the projector is turned off.

January 8, 2014
Favi Pico+Projector Is A Pocket-Size Projector That Can Project 100-Inch Image [CES 2014]

The International Consumer Electronic Show 2014 is in a buzz with amazing technology unveiled in the event. Favi well known for Tele-products has recently unveiled a new pico projector called the Favi Pico+projector, allowing projection over a large screen using your smartphones, tablets and other devices. Identical to the size of a cell phone, the Favi Pico+projector fits easily in your bag, purse or in your backpack side pocket. - Aseem Girkar

January 7, 2014
Favi Rolls Out Pocket-Sized Pico+ Wi-Fi Projector

Favi Entertainment has a new Wi-Fi-enabled projector with Miracast, and an Airplay Wireless display that syncs with mobile devices and laptops to project content on projection screens up to 100 inches in size. The company's new Pico+ projector, unveiled this week at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, is about the size of typical smartphone and packs a 5000mAh battery supplying three hours of continuous playback in eco-mode. - Damon Poeter

January 7, 2014
Favi Pico+ J6-LED-PICO WiFi projector supports Miracast

The Pico projector supports Miracast and Airplay wireless playback. The little pocket projector is very small, but can throw an image up to 100-inches in size. The projector is about the size of a smartphone. The projector can be used as a WiFi hotspot thanks to the integrated WiFi capability. It can also be connected to most smartphones, tablets, PCs, cable boxes and other gear via a HDMI cable. - Shane McGlaun

December 5, 2013
Tech the Halls with Cool Electronics

My Type: Whether they are playing video games or making a business presentation, the tech geek on your list will find many handy uses for the Favi Entertainment Wireless Keyboard. It features a touchpad mouse and connects via Bluetooth for easy control of smartphones, tablets, computers or even smart TVs. The intuitive key layout allows for fast and accurate typing while reducing hand and finger strain. - examiner.com

November 19, 2013
Improve Mobile Web Navigation with FAVI SmartStick Keyboard Controller

One hitch in the (Sceptre Speaker SoundBar SB301523) execution is the built-in Android interface, which moves at a glacial pace. Even worse is trying to navigate the web using the included standard remote. Because you have to enter a lot of text when looking for videos or using apps, you really need a keyboard. I tried it with a Favi SmartStick Keyboard Controller, which was a vast improvement. - Roy Furchgott

November 19, 2013
FAVI Boomerang Makes Mini Home Theaters for Mobile Devices

FAVI Entertainment has announced a simple yet effective solution for this new breed of “mini home theater.” The company says its FAVI Boomerang Wireless Audio Dock holds tablets and smartphones at the proper viewing angle, while providing stereo sound for music and movies. The FAVI Boomerang seems to answer the question: Why have two accessories for this application when you can combine them into one?

Think of the FAVI Boomerang like a set of headphones for your tablet, but with a built-in stand. The design of this speaker dock accommodates a wide variety of device sizes, making it compatible with practically everything out there. - Stanley Goodner

November 18, 2013
Audio Suppliers Singing 'Bluetooth Christmas'

Favi Entertainment is expanding into personal audio with two AC/DC Bluetooth speakers, both with NFC. The $79 Boomerang and $59 Boomerang Mini, due in stores in mid-December, are single-chassis stereo speakers with a crescent shape that expands and contracts to grip tablets and smartphones. The Mini is meant for phones and adjusts to fit a phone positioned in portrait or landscape mode. The other speaker is designed for tablets positioned in portrait or landscape mode. The speakers also let users adjust the mobile’ device’s viewing angle when the speaker and device are placed on a flat surface. The models feature built-in speakerphone, 10-hour built-in lithium-ion battery and color options. The Boomerang delivers 2x6-watt output, and the Boomerang Mini delivers 2x4-watt output. - Joseph Palenchar

July 13, 2013
Connect your TV to the Internet

Converting your television to a smart TV, one that incorporates an Internet browser and allows Web navigation, is a bigger, bolder way to browse or watch YouTube, Google TV, Hulu, Nickelodeon and other content. FAVI Entertainment’s thumb-size SmartStick converts televisions that are equipped with a High Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI), without need for cable or a set-top box. Use your tablet as a controller / remote after downloading your preferred apps, or purchase FAVI’s SmartStick Keyboard Controller with touchpad, a mini keyboard / touchpad that also has traditional TV controls. - Michael J. Solender

July 11, 2013
Tech Take Live 7/11/2013

This really turns your TV into a smart TV. What I like it for is it’s like a USB and you can plug it right in, it’s small and have its own application and streams the media no problem and shares media no problem, have the internet browser as well….This one impresses me for its size and its affordability. Also from the same company is the keyboard controller…it does a great job with connecting to projector screen, television keyboard, and I have to say, for me, what is cool about it is the keys are a little bigger than normal and its backlit so when you’re in the dark you’ll be able to see it still. It gives you quick access to your video collection and all that kind of stuff. It’s great for presentation. That’s one thing I’m looking forward to trying out a little more is its presentation type aspects. - FOX NEWS

June 26, 2013
Episode 10.4: FAVI SmartStick, Yeloworld, MyToon

Nowadays all smart TV can connect to the web and run apps, but if you have an older TV you’re out of luck. But why shower hundreds of dollar on new TVs when you can get a Google TV set top box or just plug the FAVI SmartStick to your TV HDMI jack? Inside this small shell is a Wi-Fi transmitter, a micro SD card slot and USB jack so you can plug in this wireless keyboard mouse. The whole thing is running off a 1GHz processor. This little gadget is running a well skin version of the Android Ice Cream Sandwich. - The Loop

June 16, 2013
Take your movies (and more) wherever you go

Pair this tiny, backlit keyboard with a touchpad mouse with your Kindle Fire HD, iPad, Samsung Galaxy, ASUS and other Bluetooth devices. Got a presentation? It has a built-in laser pointer, PowerPoint slide buttons and a wireless range of 50ft. - Chikka

June 16, 2013
Take your movies (and more) wherever you go

The award-winning SmartStick turns virtually any high-definition TV into a giant Android tablet. Download apps for Flixster, Netflix, and Pandora, for instance, and you can stream your movie and music collections while traveling. Also access your photos, e-mail accounts, and favorite games, or surf the Web. Plug the SmartStick into the HDMI port of any HDTV, whether at a friend's house or in a hotel room, get online, and then use the wireless SmartStick Keyboard Controller to easily navigate around the TV screen. The silm and portable controller has four Android hot keys, a standard keyboard, and a tiny but easy-to-use touchpad. It connects to the SmartStick using a mini USB receiver. - Boston Globe

June 16, 2013
The Year’s CoolesT Gear!

It may look like a fat thumb drive, but there’s plenty of Android OS smarts inside for streaming videos in 1080p HD or for accessing websites like Pinterest or FaceBook through a full-featured browser. The 4GB of internal memory can store games and other apps, but you can also wirelessly transfer content from your computer for viewing “on the fly.” - Tell Magazine

June 21, 2013
Forgot Father's Day? It's Not Too Late to Get These as Gifts

If you missed out on any Father's Day gifts this year and are still looking to scratch your geek itch, then I give a firm recommendation to get a Boa squeeze, the FAVI Bluetooth keyboard, or both! The backpack has sufficient space for all your gear (including the FAVI), is lightweight and tough, and the BT keyboard is perfect for any situation where a full-sized keyboard and mouse are impractical. - Nate Adcock

June 11, 2013
FAVI Bluetooth PC / Tablet Keyboard and Presenter with Laser Pointer Review

I don’t know how many Bluetooth keyboards I’ve got that I don’t use anymore. I don’t know how many HTPC wireless keyboard/mice/track pad things I’ve tried and ended up adding to the island of misfit toys where gadgets go to die because they were too bulky to use or have around the living room. I don’t even want to think about all the times I’ve tried to peck out emails on small phone screens. Fortunately my current job doesn’t require much time making presentations, but I do remember endlessly walking over to the laptop to press a key for the next slide. The FAVI Bluetooth PC / Tablet Keyboard and Presenter with Laser Pointer could step into all those roles with ease, and it’s small and light enough to toss into your gadget bag so you’ve always got it handy. - John Schettino

June 11, 2013
Review: Favi Entertainment SmartStick and Wireless Keyboard Controller with Mouse TouchPad

The SmartStick was very easy to set up, mainly because our TV had a USB port which we used to power the SmartStick. All you need to set it up is a power source, HDMI-enabled TV, a place to stick the IR receiver (to use the accompanying remote), and around 5 minutes of your time. Once it’s turned on you go through the typical custom Android welcome screens and you’re ready to roll. - GeekBeat.tv

June 11, 2013
10 Tech Accessories Your Dad Will Love

#2. SmartStick: The SmartStick is "the smallest TV Internet device ever released," instantly turning any HDTV into Smart TV. An HDMI connector is built in, and the power supply comes through a mini-USB port. - Mashable

June 1, 2013
The Favi SmartStick- Android for your TV

Theoretically, the Favi SmartStick should have unlimited streaming video options directly from the Internet. The included web browser or Google Chrome can be used to stream videos directly from online video websites including Amazon Instant Video. The Plex, PlayOn and PlayTo apps connect to online video streaming websites and stream the content to the SmartStick. Many network TV websites, free Hulu, and more can be streamed using these apps. - Barb Gonzalez

May 30, 2013
Five companies recognized with 'Sterling Edge' awards

Dream Big Company of the Year: "Sterling Heights' Favi Entertainment, a local manufacturer and distributor of consumer electronics, is an exciting early-stage company that is on track to do big things," Oehmke said. The company was recently recognized for being one of the fastest growing in the U.S. and the fastest growing in Macomb County. "It's definitely flattering and nice to be recognized for all of your hard work and accomplishments," said Jeremy Yakel, Favi president and founder, about winning the Sterling Edge Award. - Advisor & Source

July 1, 2013
G-Tested: Our Gadget Experts Try out the Latest Gear for Home, Work and Fun.

FAVI SmartStick: With networked Blu-ray players and other set-top options, it’s getting easier to turn your regular TV into a “smart” TV for access to content providers such as Netfilx, Hulu, HBO GO and so on. But perhaps there is no easier way to transplant a brain into your “dumb” set than with the Android-powered Favi SmartStick. It quickly plugs into any free HDMI port and powers on automatically. Favi FE02BT-BL: This remote is a perfect accessory for meetings where you need full access to a laptop or computer running a presentation or Powerpoint. It sets up in seconds and gives you a mouse trackpad and QWERTY keyboard control along with a laser pointer, all in the palm of your hand. - Rob Sabin

April 26, 2013
2013 Edison Awards Announced for Innovative Products and Services

The Edison Awards, which celebrate game-changing new products and services from around the world in the spirit of Thomas Edison, announced its 2013 winners Thursday night in Chicago at a ceremony attended by 400 international business leaders and innovators. Innovations honored last night crossed a broad spectrum of industries and applications. Winning innovations ranged from a unique new barrier to harness tsunamis to a backpack bed with built-in mosquito netting for the homeless. - The Wall Street Journal

May 7, 2013
Tech Squibs: Smart Stick Makes Your TV Smart(er)

The FAVI Entertainment Smart Stick changes any HDTV into a device capable of using Google apps and multiple entertainment streaming services. As you can see up there, it looks like a flash drive, but that's an HDMI connector, not a USB. It allows the stick compatibility with your HDTV and opens a world of "HBO Go, Facebook, Pandora, YouTube, Crackle, Pinterest, Spotify, Twitter, Skype, Angry Birds, Words with Friends," etc. The device also allows the HDTV to access Netflix for its full streaming service. - John Scott Lewinski

April 28, 2013
FAVI Android SmartStick with 1080p Media Streaming (built-in WiFi)

FAVI developed a brand new device called that SmartStick that essentially can turn any HDTV with an HDMI port into a Smart TV. With the SmartStick attached, you can browse the web, download apps, stream music, movies, and even play games. Joey and I took the SmartStick for a test drive in our dressing room and documented our experience. - Keiko Alingas

April 30, 2013
FAVI SmartStick Review

If you are one of the cord-cutting, apps-loving, stream-swimming new breed that is disrupting the old order of expensive packaged programming bundles spoon-fed by bloated TV networks, then the SmartStick from FAVI allows you to bring Internet connectivity - and all the Google apps - to your streaming-deprived, non-Smart TV. - Dick De Jong

June 1, 2013
Smarten Up Your TV with the FAVI SmartStick

The SmartStick by FAVI is a neat little device that turns any HDTV into a smart TV. Plug it into an HDMI port on your television, run through the setup, and suddenly, you have full access to the Internet through your home or office network. The onscreen interface is similar to an Android phone or tablet with apps. It’s fully customizable, which means you can install games, listen to music, view photos and much more. Use it to watch Netflix (subscription required) or browse the web. There are a few apps that won’t run with the operating system, but for the most part, you have your pick. - Margaret Kavanagh

May 1, 2013
10 Sizzling Stand-Alone Media Streamers

This is certainly the slimmest option on our list, since it packs all of those streaming features into a device that’s about the size of a USB flash drive. It also has flash-style storage, with 4GB and 8GB versions available. However, instead of plugging into a USB port, this device connects to the TV via HDMI. - Electronic House

April 15, 2013
Make Your TV Smarter!

If you were looking to upgrade your old flat screen TV with a new smart TV you might want to check out the SmartStick first. If your TV is still in great shape why not just spend $50 instead of $1500. A company called FAVI Entertainment can upgrade your TV for 50 bucks as long as your TV has an HDMI input. - MANjr

April 9, 2013
How to set up the ultimate home theater PC

Top pick: Favi SmartStick Keyboard. Anyone who's owned a slide-out QWERTY keyboard will immediately find comfort in the FAVI handheld keyboard. Smaller than a remote, the keyboard includes a touchpad for an all-in-one typing and mousing experience. - Cnet

March 11, 2013
Review: FAVI SmartStick brings Android to your TV

The way the SmartStick converts a normal TV into an Internet enabled Smart TV is great. Although the device has a special remote control friendly UI, underneath it is full Android and access to the Google Play Store is testament to the device’s heritage. When used with the wireless keyboard and touchpad, browsing the Internet, reading your emails and playing games is easy. The built-in media and music player work well with the remote and only a few taps of the buttons are needed to get access to your media. - Android Authority

March 11, 2013
Smarten up your TV with FAVI Android SmartStick

Where I found the SmartStick to be convenient was in notifications and quick text replies (Google Voice). I like being able to tap out a message, reply to emails, clean up the inbox, and other things of the sort. The entire Google Play Store is available but your results with vary depending on the type of apps you want to use. - Chicago Tribune

March 4, 2013
How smart are these spinoffs?

This smartphone adaptation is a streaming device, a set-top box on a stick...The SmartStick requires an HDTV with an available HDMI port and a home network. It's designed for older HDTVs lacking Internet access, streaming movie services and other apps. - Chicago Tribune

March 5, 2013
Favi Entertainment's SmartStick Enhances Every TV

This unit is ideal for those like us looking for a quick-connect solution to upgrading your existing television to a SmartTV. We recommend also getting the optional wireless keyboard accessory for easy navigation...We love that the SmartStick includes a full Internet browser and 4GB of built-in memory. Now you can quickly and wirelessly deliver videos, documents, music, images and movies directly to your SmartStick enabled television all without a subscription. - Just Luxe

March 2, 2013
Jeremy Yakel CEO Smartstick that makes and HDTV web-enabled

March 1, 2013
Favi Entertainment SmartStick

For non-Android owners who wish to duplicate the feel of an actual smartphone keypad, try Favi's SmartStick Wireless Keyboard with Mouse Touchpad ($40). That's what this iPhone user did, and though it made navigation easier, the SmartStick remains dependent on a high-speed Wi-Fi connection.… - Hartford Courant

February 25, 2013
Hands-on and Overview of the FAVI SmartStick

February 15, 2013
Honey, I shrunk the Bluetooth keyboard

Overall, Favi has certainly used up all the space they possibly could. There’s certainly a lot of functionality built in to this subcompact device, incorporating both a keyboard and a track pad all in one. It’s a fairly specialized device. If you feel that you can make use of its functionality and you don’t mind getting used to it, it’s certainly worth the investment.… - G4 Tech TV

February 15, 2013
Technological advances that change the world

The SmartStick by FAVI Entertainment, is the ideal complement to provide old TV or HDTV, the typical functions of a modern smart TV or "SmartTV". Connected to the TV's HDMI input, you can integrate the SmartStick to your home wireless network to access your the Internet, email accounts, social networks like Facebook and Twitter, movie services like Netflix, and other content such as games, music and applications.… - FOX News Latino

February 13, 2013
Favi Entertainment SmartStick FE02RF-BL

Ranked Fourth - 3 ½ Stars out of 5 -- Thanks to its compact size, it gives users a way to control their home theatre PCs (HTPC) from the comfort of their couch without having to lug around a full-size keyboard and a separate mouse. With its media playback controls, built-in laser pointer, responsive (and backlit) keyboard, and rechargeable battery, there's plenty to like about it.… - PC Magazine

February 10, 2013
Edison Awards - Honoring Innovation and Innovators

SmartStick is often called your next computer, Smart TV, game console, digital billboard or simply the future of advertising. All accurate descriptions for a device the size of a USB thumb drive that includes an operating system, browser, apps, 1GB Ram, card reader, USB input, Wi-Fi and HDMI out. - Edison Awards

January 29, 2013
Google to give schools Raspberry Pi microcomputers

Favi's computer on a USB stick acts as a media server. Dell is doing something similar with Project Ophelia which will do some work locally but shunt the hard stuff to the cloud.- BBC News

January 08, 2013
Cross-compatibility and PC gaming are hot at CES (Video)

Favi has an Android based dual-core gaming projector called the A4. It two HDMI ports, three USB ports, one VGA and one composite input. It fully supports digital streaming. Support for GooglePlay gives access to Apps and streaming media. Screen mirroring and multi touch allows the projector to be used for more than just gaming. With a resolution of 720P and 16GB of internal memory this projector will be at the top of the market for gaming when it's released in April for $999.- Examiner

February 05, 2013
Home theatre game-changers

For those without the budget for a whole new flatscreen, it's possible to make your existing TV smarter. SmartStick provides web interface in the form of a USB-key-like dongle that plugs into an HDMI port on your tube. The interface comes preloaded with a built-in web browser and Android apps, giving you easy access to streaming video and audio.…- canoe.ca

February 01, 2013
FAVI HDMI SmartStick Video Review

Well there's a little device called the SmartStick. With the SmartStick you can insert it into your TV's available HDMI port, connect the Smart Stick to power using the provided USB cable...It is, by far, the smallest "set top box" we've ever seen. Since it's basically an Android set top box compacted into a tony HDMI stick you can access just about anything, from Netflix to Pandora to Spotify to HBO Go and Angry Birds.… - Audioholics

January 17, 2013
FAVI Mini Bluetooth Keyboard hands-on

With its pocket friendly size, we find that the FAVI Mini Bluetooth Keyboard is best used on the couch. Yes folks, you heard that right -- the couch. Actually, we paired it up to a Motorola DROID RAZR HD, which we connected to a high-def television via its HDMI-out connection. Seeing that there's a very useful built-in trackpad on the FAVI Mini Bluetooth Keyboard, we're able to navigate through the UI of the phone with no issues at all. Also, it helps that there are left/right mouse buttons to ease the navigation too -- especially paired to any Windows/Mac PC.… - phoneArea.com

January 8, 2013
CES 2013: Favi Unveils Android-based Dual-Core Gaming Projector

In the end the FAVI SmartStick delivers on what it says it does. For a small price tag, you're able to bring new features to the living room. The top two being streaming from apps and PLEX...We were satisfied with the streaming apps available for download from Google Play. For those of you without a gaming console, Apple TV, or Roku, this could be one of the more affordable products out there with this functionality. On top of that, you get a great built-in web browser, a feature not found on the Roku.… - PC Magazine

January 8, 2013
FAVI smacks your dumb TV with Android SmartStick

As a video device the stick works perfectly. Android 4.0 is skinned with a TV-happy interface, allowing left/right/up/down navigation from the remote and while the device defaults to 720 the resolution is easily upped to 1080. Google Play is preinstalled so new apps can be easily downloaded, though many (such as NetFlix) don't support direction-based navigation so one is obliged to shuffle an arrow around the screen or buy some form of air mouse.… - The Register

January 2, 2013
FAVI SmartStick Review -- Turn Your TV into a SmartTV

In the end the FAVI SmartStick delivers on what it says it does. For a small price tag, you're able to bring new features to the living room. The top two being streaming from apps and PLEX...We were satisfied with the streaming apps available for download from Google Play. For those of you without a gaming console, Apple TV, or Roku, this could be one of the more affordable products out there with this functionality. On top of that, you get a great built-in web browser, a feature not found on the Roku.… - Total HTPC

December 18, 2012
New last-minute gifts for business travelers

Numerous products hit the market this year, but --¯ with limited marketing budgets and a huge consumer audience to conquer --¯ most of them remain unknown to many business travelers...FAVI Entertainment's Mini Bluetooth Keyboard connects with nearly all Bluetooth devices, including iPad and Kindle Fire HD. The keyboard has a built-in laser pointer and PowerPoint slide buttons for office presentations.… - USA Today

December 8, 2012
Smartstick Review - CNET's Rick Broida Recommends FAVI Smartstick

October 20, 2012
Rick Broida and SmartTV

December 13, 2012
FAVI Mini Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard

The FAVI Smart Stick Mini Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard is a powerful little tool and comes with it's own Bluetooth dongle hidden away in a compartment on the back of the keyboard. This is great for desktop PCs where onboard Bluetooth is often not included. With the two, you can wirelessly take command of any Bluetooth-enabled device, including desktop PCs, tablets, Smartphones and more. Plus a back-light can be activated for night use or general low-light environments… - Gadget Review

December 12, 2012
KELLNER: Last-minute gifting, part one

ADD THE NET TO YOUR TV --¯ If you don't have the latest HDTV, but want to access the Internet and streaming services, check out the under-$50 SmartStick HDTV enhancer from FAVI Entertainment. Plug it into an HDMI port on the TV and you can grab movies, music, apps and games via the device's Android OS and your wireless home network.… - The Washington Times

December 12, 2012
SmartStick shipping to give any HDMI-equipped TV a brain

If you've been hearing "SmartTV" this and "SmartTV" that while your old HD panel just sits there like a big dummy, Favi's SmartStick is ready (at last) to bring it into the 12's. Like Roku's Streaming Stick, it's a media player that's been squeezed into a dongle-sized form-factor, running Android 4.1 and packing apps like Netflix along with the Plex media server, a full web browser and DNLA.… - Engadget

December 6, 2012
Let Your Fingers do the Talking

The Bluetooth connected easily with every device I could throw at it. With its 50 foot range, I had no problem turning the FAVI into a worthwhile remote for accessing music on my laptop at the other end of the room. In fact, after a week of working with the keyboard, I had no problems whatsoever. This little tool is a gem.… - Reelgrok

December 6, 2012
Great gifts for the holidays -- FAVI SmartStick

At about an inch and a quarter wide and a little over three inches long this tiny android entertainment system will happily drive your TV at a full 1080p (or 720p, if you prefer). All you need is an empty HDMI port, access to wireless network and you're on your way to Netflix, HBO GO, YouTube and hundreds of other streaming entertainment options on the Internet. Did I mention games as well?… - Daily Record

November 27, 2012
2012 Technology 200: Inbound marketing and SEO companies top the list

FAVI Entertainment made the list of 2012 Tech 200 by Venture Beat Business. The 2012 Tech 200 list is an indicator of success--of startups who have made it where few ever do. Each year, information services company Lead411 compiles a list of the top revenue-producing startups in technology. This year's list ranks companies with the highest percentage revenue growth from 2009 to 2011.…

November 17, 2012
SmartStick makes your TV smart

The plug-in device lets you browse the internet, use applications and get access to streaming media services such as Netflix, Hulu and Pandora. You can also use it to stream media files wirelessly from a computer to the TV.… - The Miami Herald

November 15, 2012
Bluetooth Keyboard is the right type

The keyboard connects to any device with a built-in Bluetooth chip. Once it syncs up, you can use it to type messages or enter commands...The possibilities are endless, and aren't limited to controlling your phone.… - Boston

November 7, 2012
A Key Addition to Phones Lacking Keyboards

The electronics maker Favi makes a portable Bluetooth keyboard with a touchpad that can add a complete set of physical keys to a phone. Billed as the "Favi Mini Bluetooth Keyboard with Touchpad Mouse Plus Laser Pointer," the keyboard will connect to any Bluetooth device...It easily fits into a pocket… - The New York Times

October 28, 2012
The FAVI Wireless Keyboard and Touchpad Mouse; Universal Bluetooth

When hooked up to a larger desktop computer, it was like it had its own remote control. Once the alignment of the touch pad was set, it was like having a full wireless device in my hand. I was 15 feet away and around corners, still controlling the computer. - Examiner.com

October 28, 2012
FAVI Entertainment Wireless Keyboard

It turns any Bluetooth device into a mini computer. This includes (and tested on) iPhone, Android Tablet, Motorola flip phone, iPad 2 and large all-in-one pc (with included USB Bluetooth adaptor)...this was a great find and makes a great addition to the portable and even the not so portable devices you need to control. - iPhone Life Magazine

October 22, 2012
D&H's Mid-Atlantic Fall Technology Show To Attract 1,000 Attendees

More than 100 manufacturer partners will participate, including new D&H partner FAVI Entertainment (makers of the "SmartStick"¯ HDTV streaming devices) who will be spotlighted in D&H's latest Emerging Technology Pavilion. - Business Solutions

FAVI Mini Bluetooth Keyboard with Trackpad

FAVI Entertainment is happy to introduce its most recent device that is a comfortable pocket friendly Bluetooth keyboard aka the FAVI Mini Bluetooth. The best thing behind this cutie is the fact it comes with a trackpad that gives endless possibilities for those who are working on-the-go. - Business Insider

October 20, 2012
FAVI Release a Palm-Sized Bluetooth Keyboard

FAVI Entertainment, creators of innovative audiovisual products and most recently the SmartStick, introduces a pocketable Bluetooth keyboard with built-in trackpad ideal for pairing with your favorite device. The versatile accessory has Android buttons for easy access and also allows for music and video navigation via special hotkeys. The comfortable keyboard also features a built-in laser pointer perfect for presentations. - TechPowerUp

October 18, 2012
FAVI Release a Palm-Sized Bluetooth Keyboard

FAVI Entertainment, creators of innovative audiovisual products and most recently the SmartStick, introduces a pocketable Bluetooth keyboard with built-in trackpad ideal for pairing with your favorite device. The versatile accessory has Android buttons for easy access and also allows for music and video navigation via special hotkeys. The comfortable keyboard also features a built-in laser pointer perfect for presentations. - TechPowerUp

October 5, 2012
FAVI J5 PICO HD projector review: smaller is brighter

The FAVI J5 Pico projector that shipped in August of this year is another step in the right direction for the munchkin market. Small projector boxes by their very nature are restricted in the amount of kit they can cram into a small a small space and the FAVI J5 is no exception. This little sweetie pie, however, bangs out an impressive 400 ANSI lumen and considering its physical size, we are now verging on the edge of very respectable. - Gear Burn

October 1, 2012
Favi SmartStick turns almost any TV into an Android smart TV

Wish your dumb, non-Internet TV could get smarter without adding another box to your system? Favi Entertainment says its new plug-in dongle, called the SmartStick, can transform almost any TV with an HDMI input to an Android-powered smart TV with access to streaming movies and TV shows from a variety of services. - Consumer Reports

September 29, 2012
FAVI SmartStick can turn any HDTV into an Android-powered smart TV for $50

If you thought smart TVs were only for the privileged few, think again --¯ a technology that once cost hundreds of dollars can now be had for the low price of $50. The FAVI SmartStick is a small dongle that can be plugged into any HDTV, instantly transforming the device into a full-blown Android-powered smart TV with the ability to stream music and movies or browse the Web. The stick runs Ice Cream Sandwich and is equipped with 4GB of storage, Wi-Fi connectivity, DLNA support for media sharing and access to the Google Play Store. - BGR

September 29, 2012
FAVI SmartStick can turn any HDTV into an Android-powered smart TV for $50

If you thought smart TVs were only for the privileged few, think again --¯ a technology that once cost hundreds of dollars can now be had for the low price of $50. The FAVI SmartStick is a small dongle that can be plugged into any HDTV, instantly transforming the device into a full-blown Android-powered smart TV with the ability to stream music and movies or browse the Web. - Yahoo News

September 28, 2012
FAVI's $49 Smart Stick brings Android apps to your TVt

FAVI Entertainment is the latest company preparing to launch a USB stick-sized device that you can plug into a TV in order to run Android apps on a big screen. I'm starting to think there are as many different Android TV sticks as there are potential customers for these products at this point... soon everyone will be able to get their own custom model! - Liliputing

September 28, 2012
$50 Favi SmartStick Plugs into HDMI, Brings Jelly Bean to the Living Room

The battle to turn your dumb TV into a smart TV is heating up mighty fast. Favi's newly announced SmartStick brings the full Android 4.1 Jelly bean experience --¯ complete with support for Netflix, Hulu, Pandora, Slacker, Spotify, YouTube, HBO Go and any other Play Store app you can think of --¯ in the form of a small, Wi-Fi enabled stick that plugs into any HDTV's HDMI port and plays full 1080p video. - Laptop Magazine

September 28, 2012
SmartStick by FAVI brings Android to your HDTV for $50

There's about to be a brand new smart TV in your living room with Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, wireless streaming abilities, and no more than a $50 price tag, all of this in a tiny dongle: FAVI's Streaming Stick. - Slash Gear

September 28, 2012
SmartStick by FAVI brings Android to your HDTV for $50

There's about to be a brand new smart TV in your living room with Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, wireless streaming abilities, and no more than a $50 price tag, all of this in a tiny dongle: FAVI's Streaming Stick. - Tech Investor News

September 28, 2012
This $50 Stick Turns Any HDTV Into an Android-Powered Smart TV

If you're wondering how you can breathe life into that old TV set, the FAVI SmartStickmight be what you're looking for. For $50, you get a dongle that provides your TV with Android and access to streaming movies and music. - Gizmodo

September 28, 2012
FAVI's $50 Streaming Stick adds apps, streaming services to any HDTV with Android 4.1 Jelly Bean

Why get a Smart TV when you can enhance your existing HDTV with a dongle? That's the precise inquiry FAVI is aiming to answer with its SmartStick, a device that lets you access streaming movies, music, apps, and games just by plugging it into your television's HDMI port. - Engadget

September 27, 2012
Upgrade your HDTV to a SmartTV with the Favi SmartStick

If you were one of those unfortunate souls who purchased a top-of-the-line HDTV just before SmartTV's hit the market, you now have plenty of ways to upgrade. The recently announced SmartStick by FAVI is one of those options and is near the top of the heap in terms of cool-factor. The SmartStick looks just like your average thumb drive, but it actually plugs into your HDMI input. Once there it edifies your TV and allows you to utilize the newest Android OS to download apps or browse the web. -Digital Trends

September 2012
Inc. 500 | 5000 - FAVI Entertainment

FAVI Entertainment is ranked 756th fastest growing company in the country out of thousands! They were ranked #58 in Consumer products and services. FAVI Entertainment manufactures and distributes home theater equipment, LED and LCD TV's, projection screens and projectors. This is FAVI Entertainment's second year ranked as an Inc 5000 fastest growing company. -INC 500 | 5000

March 2012
Road Warrior 2.0 FASTER

A true road warrior is a wizard of time management. He can sell himself and his product in 18 seconds or over 18 holes. Most importantly, he's always moving fast when no one's looking, so he looks totally relaxed when they are...
FAVI Pocket Projector: Nothing says prepared like a projector in your pocket that can display your sales pitch at 110 inches. -GO Magazine

March 5, 2012
FAVI Mini Projector Lets You Pack a 100-Inch Display in a Laptop Bag

Designed for business use, the FAVI Mini Projector supports a range of input resolutions (1080p/1080i/720p) with a mid-range display resolution of 1024x768. The gadget supports input connectors for VGA, HDMI, composite video and audio. And a 2.5mm headphone connector, SD card slot and USB port can all be found on the back panel. -CIO

January 12, 2012
The Best Products of CES 2012

The FAVI A3 WiFi has a native SVGA resolution of 800x600 pixels, 8GB of built-in memory, and a SD/SDHC/MMC card reader. This projector has been voted "Best Projector" at the CES show. This projector can be used as a personal media player, and also for watching online videos or picture slide shows, playing music, displaying eBooks, Web browsing, and playing content from the internal memory or online. -PC Magazine

January 7, 2012
The Latest Gizmos and Gadgets Explained

The FAVI A3 WiFi has a native SVGA resolution of 800x600 pixels, 8GB of built-in memory, and a SD/SDHC/MMC card reader. This projector has been voted "Best Projector" at the CES show. This projector can be used as a personal media player, and also for watching online videos or picture slide shows, playing music, displaying eBooks, Web browsing, and playing content from the internal memory or online. -Global BC

December 15, 2011
Portable Mini Projector Launched by FAVI

The all new FAVI RioHD-LED-4 mini projector is a perfect match for your apple iPhone 4s or apple iPad. Apple AirPlay allows projection from these apple products. The RioHD-LED-4 is also compatible with laptops and other devices for presentations using the HDMI port. -ProjectorPoint

December 14, 2011
LED Mini Projector Displays Video from iPads and iPhones

December 13, 2011
FAVI Entertainment Debuts E3-LED-PICO Projector

FAVI Entertainment releases their new pocket projector, E3-LED-PICO. The E3 has 50 lumens of brightness and will project up to 110 inches. This projector is the perfect size to fit into someone's stocking for the holiday season. -Electronic House

December 13, 2011
FAVI Entertainment Debuts Ultra-Bright LED Pocket Projector for Gaming, Home Theater and Business Travel

The all new E3-LED-PICO projector was launched today by FAVI Entertainment. This is a great projector for home theater, business use and gaming. It is small enough to fit in your pocket, making it easy to take when you travel. To make things even better, the battery in this projector runs for two solid hours. -San Francisco Chronicle

September 1, 2011
Inc. 500 I 5000 - FAVI Entertainment

FAVI Entertainment is ranked 708th fastest growing company in the country out of thousands! They were ranked #41 in Consumer products and services. FAVI Entertainment has grown over 400% in the last three years. FAVI Entertainment manufactures and distributes home theatre equipment, LED and LCD tv's, projection screens and projectors. -INC 500 | 5000

August 29, 2011
Los Angeles Times - "From barren yard to outdoor screening room"

Every Monday we post a recently built, remodeled or redecorated home with commentary from the designer. This week we look at a front yard that was transformed into an outdoor theater room with a 200-inch motorized projector screen by FAVI. -Los Angeles Times

August 2, 2011
E3-LED-PICO 2011 "Highly Rated" Award

FAVI Entertainment introduces its all new E3-LED-PICO projector. The FAVI E3-LED-PICO projector is voted "Highly Rated" by Projector Central. This mini pico projector has a maximum output of 50 lumens. The all-new FAVI E3-LED-PICO projector is set to debut in October 2011. -Projector Central

July 28, 2011
WiLAN Royalty Deal

FAVI Entertainment signed a multi-year royalty agreement for the V-Chip. The V-Chip is installed in every television in the United States to monitor viewing. -Stockhouse


July 7, 2011
Extra TV Promo

June 1, 2011
FAVI Projector featured on CBS's "The Talk"
May 13, 2011
FAVI B1-LED-PICO Review in PC Magazine
Pico pocket projector; 800x600 native resolution; connects to both data and video sources; 1GB internal memory; room for an SD card; made for business use -PC Magazine

April 13, 2011
FAVI Unveils RioHD-LED-2 Mini Projector

The FAVI RioHD-LED-2 LED mini projector is very small and portable. This projector supports up to 1080p resolution and will project an image up to 150 inches. It supports HDMI, VGA, S-video, and component video inputs. -Geeky Gadgets


November 11, 2010
The SCIENCE Channel
FAVI Pico Projector featured on Discovery Channel

September 16, 2010
Looking for higher education technology products and services? Start here.
The B1-LED-PICO, a handheld projector from FAVI Entertainment, is ideal for computer or laptop-based presentations. The mini-LED projector includes a native SVGA resolution (800 x 600 pixels) and VGA input (RGB)... -University Business
August 10, 2010
Katy Perry Promotion courtesy of FAVI & Monster Beats by Dr Dre
Katy Perry's "California Gurls" music video will play on repeat at Fifth Avenue, San Francisco, South Beach and Santa Monica Diesel stores, so customers can listen-in and view Katy's original look, courtesy of FAVI Entertainment and Monster Beats by Dr. Dre... -World of Pop Culture


June 14,2010
FAVI Unveils Mini Projectors

Both models have an LED lamp life of 20,000 hours and will project images up to 100 inches measured diagonally. Also included in each unit are built-in speakers, a headphone jack, Mini USB input and MicroSD/SDHC connectivity... -Twice

June 9, 2010
FAVI Announces Two LED-based Mini Projectors

FAVI launched two mini projectors on Wednesday, one for business and one for general use. The B1-LED-PICO is a handheld projector geared to business and education users. It includes a native SVGA resolution (800-by-600 pixels)... -PC Magazine

June 8, 2010
Next Generation Mini Projectors Debuted by FAVI Entertainment

FAVI Entertainment, a leading provider of visual display products including projectors, LCD televisions, screens and accessories, today introduced two LED-based handheld projectors ideal for consumers, educational institutions and business executives... -Forbes


June 8, 2010
FAVI's Next Generation Mini Projectors

The B1-LED-PICO is a handheld projector designed specifically for business and education users. The B1-LED-PICO includes a native SVGA resolution (800 x 600 pixels), bright projection technologys... -Interconnection World

February 21, 2010
FAVI Mini PJM-1000 Pocket Projector
Why it's a best pick:

Through its highly-compact design, the FAVI Mini takes the pastime of movie watching anywhere that you want it to go. Setting up this device is very easy through its plug and play connectivity with most standard devices like notebooks and iPods... -BestCovery

January 15, 2010
3D, Gaming, Pico Projectors Rocked CES

One of the bright spots of CES 2010 was the projector scene. Home theater, gaming, and and 3D projectors were abundant. So were pico projectors, which are getting brighter, higher resolution, and adding innovative flourishes... -Gearlog

January 11, 2010
Business Class FAVI Pico-Projectors Run Small, Have Linux

The RIOLED-Q and the RIOLED-V, two distinct little things that focus on business use (the former) and Linux/web apps (the latter.)... -Gizmodo

January 11, 2010
FAVI debuts RIOLED-Q and RIOLED-V wireless pico projectors

RIOLED-Q, targeted towards a more professional crowd. Also built with a SM/MMC card reader and internal memory, the selling spec on this device is that it projects very bright images at a 800 x 600 resolution at 50 lumens... -ZDNet

January 10, 2010
FAVI RIOLED-Q and RIOLED-V pico projectors launched: the future is bright, wireless

Looks like the world's still got appetite for some more pico projectors, as FAVI's releasing a pair some time between late February and early March for prices yet unknown. First is the RIOLED-Q (pictured) which sports a pretty 800 x 600 native resolution at 50 lumens. -Engadget

January 8, 2010
FAVI Launches Pico, Portable LED Projectors

FAVI's new offerings include a bright business pico projector, a hybrid between a pico projector and portable media player, and a model that's midway in size between the picos and a standard portable projector... -PC Magazine

May 19, 2009
FAVI's PJM-1000 pico projector - it projects things, baby

What can we say? The new FAVI PJM-1000 pico projector is a mere 4.4 x 1.9 x 0.6-inch beauty, weights about 180g, and sports manual zoom, focus, and video and VGA inputs... -Engadget

August 28, 2008
ABC's "The View"
FAVI's 19" pink TV featured on "The View"