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How can I use my FAVI LCD TV as a computer display?
  Your FAVI LCD TV has a connector for a standard 15 pin VGA cable on its A/V input panel. When the TV is set to VGA mode, it will behave like a standard LCD monitor. We recommend rebooting your computer after connecting your LCD TV to it, so it can properly detect your display, and what resolution settings it's capable of. If you are having issues with improper, or unavailable resolution settings, you may want to contact your video card, or PC manufacturer for assistance.

Most laptops have a key combination that will switch them from their built in display, to an external display. On many laptops, the function key + F4 (Usually FN+F4) will toggle between the integrated, and an external display.

When using your LCD TV as a computer monitor, we recommend setting your computer's desktop resolution to your TV's native LCD resolution for the best image quality. The native resolution's for our LCD TV's are listed below:

L1918A2 1366x768
L2626EA2-V 1366x768
L3226EA2 1920x1080
L4226EA2 1920x1080

If you are using a Macintosh computer, you may need a DVI to VGA adapter to use your LCD TV as an external display.
Is my universal remote compatible with a FAVI LCD TV?
  Our L1918A2, L2626EA2-V, L3226EA2, and L4226EA2 have been tested and found to be compatible with many off the shelf universal remotes. However for full compatability with all our models, we recommend purchasing a learning universal remote for use with your FAVI TV. Learning universal remotes can learn the IR codes from your TV's existing remote control and duplicate them.