Upgrade any HDTV to a Smart TV in an instant.

It's the smallest TV internet device ever released. Simply plug the SmartStick into any HDMI input on your TV, power it with the included USB direct connect cable and our guided setup will take care of the rest. Enjoying the richest content on the web from the comfort of your sofa just doesn't get any easier.

Breathe new life into your existing HDTV and bring the best of the web to the big screen.

Technology changes fast and our once shining pinnacles of advancement quickly become dated relics. But you have a choice, a new SmartTV is only a small upgrade away with SmartStick. Forget the bulky set top boxes cluttering an already busy entertainment center, the new coils of wires that stretch from stuffed cubbies on your TV stand to your screen. With the SmartStick, the HDMI connector is built right on the stick which plugs directly into your HDTV with no cables or confusing adapters. The DC power is supplied over a Mini-USB port, and the included Mini-USB to USB connection is just the right length, to reach the USB port already on your HDTV.

Honed to quickly deliver the content you demand, with access to everything else.

As a part of SmartStick, the Interface application is a well-oiled machine of ingenuity. The application not only delivers access to your applications, the web, multimedia content, and the inner workings of the SmartStick itself but also dynamically adapts itself to present your preferred content first. The Homepage will remain constantly updated to display your 6 favorite applications, and any two widgets of your choice. The Browser tab will provide a wide view scrolling list of your favorite websites. The Video tab will search through your attached storage devices and present all of your video files. The Music tab will hunt down the individual audio files no matter which folder they're located in, and present them for easy access. In the Pictures tab, a beautiful splash of full color thumbnails awaits you, automatically selected from your attached storage and presented quickly for your consumption.

Bring your media, SmartStick will handle the rest.

SmartStick is more than just a name; it's a clear identifier for a piece of technology with a purpose. Whether it is decoding any of the most popular movie formats, or parsing metadata from an MP3 to present details such as Title, Artist, and Album information for playback in its intuitive Media Player the SmartStick's interface handles the task quickly and without repetitive steps of setup, or selection. A simple and intuitive menu driven interface to easily achieve your goal, whether enjoying a movie or searching for updated sports scores. No 3 fingered swipes to the left or 1 finger tap with a swirled finger in the center gesturing required. Having access to the content you want quickly and easily just makes sense.

Access the largest variety of streaming media.

There are a lot of streaming devices pushing their way into the market today, each offering a slightly different mix of services. The SmartStick offers access to ALL of the top streaming services, some are even pre-installed. If the service you're looking for isn't listed in the Apps tab, worry not, a quick trip to the installed Google Play market gives you access to all of your favorites. A few simple clicks later, an icon for your selected service application will appear in the Apps tab, for easy accessibility.

Quantity AND Quality, no need to settle!

Beyond the largest selection with the greatest variety, the SmartStick has also undergone heavy tuning for some of the most popular apps ensuring the best streaming experience possible. Top hit movies from Netflix, HBO, and Epix will amaze you in crystal clear HD quality. Your favorite TV shows from Crackle look fantastic, launched straight from your queue. You won't miss the long evenings of scrolling through your cable providers' guide, the whole experience just got smarter!

Stay Connected

With the included PLEX app, you can now wirelessly deliver your saved content directly to your SmartStick enabled TV. Just imagine the possibilities! All of your favorite home videos, photo albums and playlists are only a click away from enjoying them on any TV in the house. There is no need to huddle around the laptop ever again. Also, connect to an impressive library of video streaming channels including Amazon video on demand and more.

How it Works

1.) Host your computer's media collection with Plex Media Server

2.) Open the PLEX app on your SmartStick & connect

3.) Wirelessly enjoy your full media collection on the big screen

A whole new world of content

Download and enjoy your favorite music, movies, apps and games available from the Google play store. Manage your email, check your calendar and access all of your cloud docs directly from your TV. For work and play the SmartStick is much more than your typical streaming video box; it's your SmartTV and computer all rolled into one.

Internet Anywhere

The SmartStick comes factory equipped with a full internet browser. Enjoying the richest content on the web from the comfort of your sofa just doesn't get any easier. Catch up on the latest news, keep a close eye on your favorite sports teams and shop your favorite sites with impressive speed. Pair with the SmartStick mini keyboard controller for the ultimate web browsing experience.

Add a pocket keyboard to take full control

Unleash the full potential of the SmartStick by pairing it with a pocket sized keyboard with touchpad mouse. Quickly respond to email and enjoy a complete web browsing experience. The familiar android hot keys are located beneath the touchpad of the controller for easy access (Home, AppMenu, Back and Search). Keys are backlit with bright LEDs to keep you in full control when the lights are off.

Angry Birds Anyone??

Gaming on your phone is fun, but playing Angry Birds on the big screen takes it to a whole new level. With the SmartStick controller, you can try all of the hottest games offered on Google play for hours of enjoyment.

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