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Creating the Perfect She-Shed for Wine Night with the Girls

Creating the Perfect She-Shed for Wine Night with the Girls

By: Courtni Wisenbaker-Scheel

Not every woman’s idea of a relaxing escape is crafting and gardening, so not all she-sheds are covered in quilting squares and soil. For those of you ladies who prefer wine nights with the girls to be more about binge watching your favorite sitcoms and cheering on your beloved sports team, then you need a she-shed that will provide you with an impressive entertainment system in a space with a more feminine touch. Here are three ways to build your perfect getaway in your own home.

Two Words: Big Screen

You simply haven’t experienced your favorite show until you have watched it with a FAVI HD home theatre projector on a FAVI 100" projector screen. The picture quality is so crisp and the colors so vibrant that it is almost like you’re there. Plus, the screen is fully retractable, so you don't have to lose out on prime decoration space. Make sure that you have stain-resistant furniture, ladies, because your friends might spill a glass of wine while cheering when your football team gets a pick-six!

Boost Your WiFi

Nothing ruins your movie night more than not actually being able to watch the movie. And depending on where your she-shed is in relation to your router, there is potential for that to happen. With a Wi-Fi booster, your signal will be carried farther into the corners of your home, making sure your haven is perfectly covered and movie night with your BFFs is saved. You can purchase electronic antennae, but sometimes all you need is a little DIY to do the trick.

Turn Your Cables Into Art

Cords are a necessary evil in any room with electronics. The natural inclination is to try and hide them, but for some, there is simply no way to make that happen. In this case, twist and turn those cables into an art piece, and secure them in place with cable hooks. Voila! You have a masterpiece that is functional and beautiful.

The team at Modernize know that every woman needs a haven for herself, a place where she gives herself permission to relax. And now you have the ideas to make your haven a reality for yourself and all your friends!

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