FAVI RioHD-LED-3T featured on News 2's Tech Tuesday.

If you'd like a mix of quality, reliability, low operating costs and a huge screen, the Favi LED Portable projector is our favorite bargain.

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The newly released SmartStick targets efficiency and convenience.

The FAVI SmartStick has been around for a good while now, providing a low cost solution to making your dumb big screen TV smarter. But ever since Google came out with the Chromecast and blew that low cost argument out of the water, FAVI’s attack targeted efficiency and convenience. This is what you get with the FAVI SmartStick Media Center – all the digital video content you want, with choices on how you want to stream them.

Read the full article at Android Community.  For more information on the SmartStick, checkout SmartStick Solutions.

SmartStick unveiled at CES 2016 in Los Vegas.

Introduced at the 2016 CES, Consumer Electronics Show, the new SmartStick Media Center supports full android giving it more streaming apps and channels than any other streaming device.  It unifies search and discovery from over 100 popular streaming sources including YouTube, Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime and Sling TV.  Shake the remote to activate the air mouse and go from media center to full Android PC mode.

Read the full release at PR Newswire and get more detail on the stick at

FAVI J6-LED-PICO is mentioned as a must-have gear for iPad.

Do you remember classic projectors? The old, clunky ones teachers still wheel into classrooms, barely avoiding desk corners as they're pushed into place? Yeah, me too. Which is why the Pico+ Pocket Projector caught my attention. Not much larger than a smartphone, this is ideal for on-the-go presentation needs. The setup directions are confusing and the fan is slightly loud when audio isn’t playing; however, the picture boasts up to 1080p resolution and the versatility of viewing options (with support for Wi-Fi, HDMI, SD card, and USB) is exceptional. While it doesn’t replace a full-size projector, the Favi Pocket Projector is perfect for family movies on the lawn, roundtable discussions, and lightweight business travel. 

Check out the full list on iPhone Life November/October 2015 edition.

FAVI Mini Bluetooth Keyboard is number 17 of 19 Must-Have iPhone Gadgets for the Office.


As a reviewer, I receive all type of gear and accessories, from iPad cases to styluses and light bulbs to remote controls. Out of all of the products I receive to evaluate, only a few make it into my regular technology repertoire. Its not that I don’t use other items I’ve reviewed, but these have taken up residence in my office, I keep them handy and actually rely on them to do my work. I think that is the highest praise for a technology accessory. I won’t provide deep reviews in these posts, but I will be telling you why I like the item, and what has made it indispensable to my work.

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FAVI Smart Projector is featured in the Winter 2014 Edition of Cosmopolitan Latinas as a great holiday gift for him.

A portable projector with built-in Wi-Fi lets him take his presentation on the road. FAVI Pico+ Smart Projector, $499.

Check out the Good Gifts spread on Cosmopolitan Latinas.

Watch Adam Housley showcases the FAVI pico+ Smart Projector on Fox News Tech Take.

FAVI Entertainment’s Smart Projector, this thing is so light and so small. It’s like the size of a deck of cards or maybe a little bit bigger than that. It’s $499, you can find it at --- that’s F-A-V-I-ENTERTAINMENT-DOT-COM. Basically it’s completely wireless, built in Wi-Fi, fully portable of course. Up to 120” for images on this thing.

FAVI's Smart Projector is featured at number 23 on Inc.'s 35 cool gadgets that make business travel easier.

While older portable projectors were either bulky or too dim for serious conference room use, this new FAVI Pico Smart Projector shines a bright 100-lumens image and doesn’t require a smartphone. Instead, you can run Android apps like Dropbox or Chrome for your slideshow. The image size is up to about 10 feet. The projector can also run on battery power for up to two hours. You connect to the internet using the built-in Wi-Fi to run the apps.

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TechFaster reviews our Set-to-Connect speaker for iPhone and says it something to seriously consider looking into.

Favi kept the design of this product very simple and neat with a built in stand and a on and off switch. It charges with a standard micro-usb cable and lasts about six hours of music without plugging in which is perfect for short trips or small events.

There are different distinct models for iPhone and Android. The test unit received was an iPhone model and didn’t work with a Nexus 5 and worked fairly well with a nexus 7 tablet. Once an iPhone 5c was set on the unit, the music was noticeably louder and of higher quality.

Read the full review by Andrew Caldwell at

PC Mag gives the J6-LED-PICO Projector with AirPlay and Miracast a good 3 out of 5 Stars.

BOTTOM LINE:  The Favi J6-LED-PICO Projector With AirPlay and Miracast lets you project content wirelessly from compatible Android and iOS mobile devices.

Read the full review by TONY HOFFMAN at

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