FAVI HDMI SmartStick Review

Audioholics reviews our SmartStick and rate it "Pretty Cool."

There's a lot to talk about with this system, but what I like the most is that it's completely transportable and, if you have a 5V USB port on the back of your TV—as many do—you don't even need to use the USB wall adapter. Just plug it right in there and it will get power. Now there were some glitches in our testing. Some apps don't seem ready to work with SmartStick just yet and there are a lot of "Stopped Responding" errors. But the potential is very exciting and really it does seem to have the horsepower to stream high quality videos with audio and provide nearly endless sources of internet-based content. It's also very easy to update and FAVI seems bent on world domination... or at least making sure this product sees some updates and stays current. Plus, it's based on the Android platform... like Google TV and you see how hard they're pushing that everywhere... Well they SHOULD be!

Watch the full review by Andrew Gash above or read it at audioholics.com.

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