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Cross-compatibility and PC gaming are hot at CES

Examiner says our new A4 Gaming Projector is a promising device for gamers.

The annual Consumer Electronics Show, CES, is already underway in Las Vegas and everything from computers to smartphones is on display. Also at the show are a few promising specimens in the field of video games. The highlight seems to be on PC gaming here in 2013 and a look at the list of new tech on the horizon will make PC gamers minds start coveting and your wallet start aching. Here’s some of the most promising things on the horizon for gamers from the CES.

Favi has an Android based dual-core gaming projector called the A4. It two HDMI ports, three USB ports, one VGA and one composite input. It fully supports digital streaming. Support for GooglePlay gives access to Apps and streaming media. Screen mirroring and multi touch allows the projector to be used for more than just gaming. With a resolution of 720P and 16GB of internal memory this projector will be at the top of the market for gaming when it’s released in April for $999.

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  • i was very happy with the packaging. Second, i was imseesprd by the quality of the product. The motor of the screen is very quiet. Other customers had problems with the motor being too loud, But not with FAVI. After installing the screen (which was very simple) i hooked up my ps3 to it and saw a dramatic difference in the quality. Honestly im very happy with the screen and by purchasing this great screen with such a great price you cant go wrong. Dont get confused by purcashing the $500+ screen when you can get a great product at a great price!!!! MERRY CHRISTMAS!


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