FAVI SmartStick brings Android to your TV, supports Netflix, HBO, YouTube and more

Android Authority reviews the Smartstick and Smartstick keyboard, says you can't go wrong with it!

The way the SmartStick converts a normal TV into an Internet enabled Smart TV is great. Although the device has a special remote control friendly UI, underneath it is full Android and access to the Google Play Store is testament to the device’s heritage.  When used with the wireless keyboard and touchpad, browsing the Internet, reading your emails and playing games is easy. The built-in media and music player work well with the remote and only a few taps of the buttons are needed to get access to your media. On top of all that, the fact that it comes from an American company, shipped from within the US and only for $49.99, you really can’t go wrong!

Read the full review by GARY SIMS at androidauthority.com.

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