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How to set up the ultimate home theater PC

Cnet picks the Smartstick keyboard as the best options for wireless controlling for HTPC.

Top pick: Favi SmartStick Keyboard

Anyone who's owned a slide-out QWERTY keyboard will immediately find comfort in the FAVI handheld keyboard. Smaller than a remote, the keyboard includes a touch pad for an all-in-one typing and mousing experience.

Made for PC-to-TV setups, the SmartStick also features backlit keys, volume up/down buttons, and dedicated play/pause and fast-forward/rewind keys. The keyboard even includes arrows, which (as you'll find out later) is ideal for navigating around your computer from the couch.

The good: Ideal for short-form typing, searching for content, basic navigation. Does the job without taking too much space on your coffee table. Backlit keys helpful in dark settings. Compatible with OS X and Windows.

The bad: Larger hands might find typing uncomfortable. Not ideal for long-form writing, and the small touch pad takes some getting used to.

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  • Right now I use the Movies app from the Market but it isn’t as feature-rich as I’d like it to be. It only alowls me to see what is in my queue and rearrange their order. It doesn’t allow me to add to that list, for example. The app itself, is great, however. I’d just prefer a Netflix-specific app.


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