35 Cool Gadgets That Make Business Travel Easier

FAVI's Smart Projector is featured at number 23 on Inc.'s 35 cool gadgets that make business travel easier.

While older portable projectors were either bulky or too dim for serious conference room use, this new FAVI Pico Smart Projector shines a bright 100-lumens image and doesn’t require a smartphone. Instead, you can run Android apps like Dropbox or Chrome for your slideshow. The image size is up to about 10 feet. The projector can also run on battery power for up to two hours. You connect to the internet using the built-in Wi-Fi to run the apps.

Read the full article by JOHN BRANDON at inc.com.

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  • A few months back we reecntly purchased a couple Favi electric projector screens online. Honestly never heard of them but we decided to give it a shot because of their money back guarantee We were really impressed with how the screen performed. I have used all different screen companies for our systems but the motor in the favi’s def runs the smoothest of any we ever installed.Setup: Straight forward instructions. What we really liked was the built-in mounting brackets for both wall and ceiling mounting. Made life a little bit easier allowing for a quick ceiling or wall installation depending on the customer requirement.Operation: Pretty standard for this type of electric screen with up/down/stop buttons on the main controller and each of the remotes. Pleased it came with both an Infrared Remote (allows you to program to a universal remote) and a RF Remote (goes through walls, allows you to keep the main controller box out of site)Motor: Smooth/QuietTension: Obviously not a tension screen but motor and a slightly weighted bottom bar perform very nicely together. We all agreed with Favi’s assertion that there is no reason to spend extra money on a tension screen.Material: Gain seemed on par or slightly better than the Elite VMAX and Da-Lite we typically useIR and RF Remote Operation: Standard, no complaints. Really nice it included 2 remote controls.Warranty: Typical 1 year warrantyOverall Value: ExcellentComing from an Audio/Video systems integrator, I highly recommend the favi for anyone looking to purchase an electric projector screen.


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