FAVI announces the Pico+ Smart Projector -- an All-in-One Android Projector PC

FAVI Smart Projector featured on Beta News.

Since this is self-contained, including integrated buttons and touchpad on the top, this could prove useful in many scenarios. An educator can take advantage for showing YouTube videos and PowerPoint presentations in class without carrying another computer. A business could keep this in a conference room and access files on Dropbox for meetings. Quite frankly, this could prove perfect in a home for movie-night with the family; showing a movie in 120 inches on a wall would be fun!

Read the full article by Brian Fagioli at betanews.com.

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  • You can transfer PDF files to your moilbe phone in the normal way via PC, WiFi, email.Once on the iPhone you go to the ProjOut App, select the PDF option and follow instruction to get the desired PDF to display on your phone. Then Click the small icon on the bottom right of the screen to project it out.


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