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The Favi Pico+: A Powerhouse Projector in a Small Package

eHow featured FAVI Pico+ J6-LED-PICO and thinks it is pretty awesome.

So I’ll admit I didn’t expect much from the Favi Pico+ J6, a new entry into this fairly dormant category. And you know what? It’s actually pretty awesome.

About the size of a phablet smartphone, the Pico+ stands barely an inch tall. It’s perhaps a bit large for a pocket, but certainly an easy fit in any carry-on bag.

Along one side you’ll find an impressive array of inputs: HDMI, microSD, and USB, plus a microUSB port for charging the projector’s 5,000mAh battery. This last is good not only for about three hours of runtime (according to Favi), but also for charging a mobile device like a smartphone. Yep: the Pico+ doubles as a portable charger.

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