FAVI introduces Swivel Screen Portfolio keyboard case for iPad Air

Technology Tell introduces our iPad Air Swivel Case.

The Swivel Screen Portfolio for iPad Air will by no means render your laptop irrelevant, but it may help you replace it with your iPad for a few more tasks.

FAVI Entertainment’s Swivel Screen Portfolio Case features a built-in Bluetooth keyboard, but that’s no big deal; many cases do these days. What’s different is that keyboard attaches to a rotating stand that makes it easy to position the iPad for the best viewing angle. Whether you’re sitting at your desk, in an airplane or on the floor (don’t do that…it’s bad for your back), and whether you’re typing, watching movies or playing games, the Swivel Screen Portfolio Case will allow you to position the iPad accordingly.

As for the keyboard, it connects to your iPad with Bluetooth, and features scissor-switch keys for quieter and more stable typing. The rechargeable lithium ion battery provides 80 hours of continual use or 70 days of standby time.

Read the full article by Kirk Hiner at technologytell.com.

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