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FAVI's Boomgerang is featured on USA Today.

Don't let the shape of the Boomerang fool you. Although the device's crescent shape makes it look like a pair of headphones, it actually functions as a wireless NFC/Bluetooth speaker you can wear around your neck. Or if that's too much "jewelry'' for your tastes, you can set it on a table and use it to prop up your phone, turning the speaker into a micro-sized home theater. Either way, the speaker from FAVI Entertainment can deliver about 10 hours of respectable sound on one charge. It also includes a built-in speaker phone, allowing you to take calls via a connected phone Available in black, yellow and white, a 4-watt "Mini" version that's just the right size for a phone costs about $60. A larger 6-watt model big enough to prop up a tablet costs about $80. Similar to a flexible pair of headphones, the Boomerang can be folded up for easy portability.

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