FAVI Pico+ J6-LED-PICO featured in USA Today's weekly new products.

Have you ever shown a video at work? It wasn't so long ago that to do so, you'd have to call Ned from the IT department and have him lug a projector into the conference room. Now, whether you want to display a video at work or anywhere else, you can do so from your laptop or mobile device with a little assist from FAVI Entertainment's Wi-Fi-enabled Pico+ Projector with Miracast and Airplay wireless display. A bit bigger than a cellphone, the portable projector lets you project images from your phone, tablet or laptop on up to a 100-inch projector screen. The device has a 5000mAH battery that can deliver up to three hours of playback and also double as a charger for your mobile device. With 85 lumens of brightness and a native resolution of 858 by 480 pixels, the projector promises to deliver respectable, albeit not eye-popping images. In addition to having a built-in Wi-Fi hotspot for wireless connections, the device also can handle HDMI connections from your TV, Blu-Ray player and game console as well as data stored on a USB drive or SD card. The FAVI Pico+ projector will be available next month for about $300.

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