Forgot Father's Day? It's Not Too Late to Get These as Gifts

FAVI Bluetooth Mini Keyboard featured on iPhone Life.

If you missed out on any Father's Day gifts this year and are still looking to scratch your geek itch, then I give a firm recommendation to get a Boa squeeze, the FAVI Bluetooth keyboard, or both! The backpack has sufficient space for all your gear (including the FAVI), is lightweight and tough, and the BT keyboard is perfect for any situation where a full-sized keyboard and mouse are impractical.

If you are a serious thumb typist or are just looking for a slim line portable keypad that works with iPad, iPhone, iPod touch, Android or your PC/Mac, look no further than the FAVI Entertainment Mini Bluetooth Keyboard. Not only does the FAVI have a full-featured keyboard with Function keys, player controls, and shortcuts, but a surprisingly usable (yet somewhat small) mouse pad! Also handy: discrete PowerPoint controls and a laser pointer!

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