The Gadgeteer reviews FAVI's Mini Bluetooth Keyboard, says it's one handy little keyboard.

One Handy Little Keyboard: I don’t know how many Bluetooth keyboards I’ve got that I don’t use anymore. I don’t know how many HTPC wireless keyboard/mice/track pad things I’ve tried and ended up adding to the island of misfit toys where gadgets go to die because they were too bulky to use or have around the living room. I don’t even want to think about all the times I’ve tried to peck out emails on small phone screens. Fortunately my current job doesn’t require much time making presentations, but I do remember endlessly walking over to the laptop to press a key for the next slide. The FAVI Bluetooth PC / Tablet Keyboard and Presenter with Laser Pointer could step into all those roles with ease, and it’s small and light enough to toss into your gadget bag so you’ve always got it handy.

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