Favi Entertainment SmartStick and Wireless Keyboard Controller with Mouse TouchPad

GeekBeat.TV reviews Smartstick and Smartstick keyboard, says SmartStick lets you wield the power of your average Android phone in a HDMI stick.

The SmartStick was very easy to set up, mainly because our TV had a USB port which we used to power the SmartStick. All you need to set it up is a power source, HDMI-enabled TV, a place to stick the IR receiver (to use the accompanying remote), and around 5 minutes of your time. Once it’s turned on you go through the typical custom Android welcome screens and you’re ready to roll.

The included keyboard controller made everything so much easier. I recommend getting it as you don’t want to find out the wireless keyboard/mouse you bought online is not supported by Android. The keyboard controller has a built-in mousepad in place to simulate the Android touch interface. The controller looks and feels sturdy. It looks like it’s meant to last in a living room environment.

Read the full review by  at geekbeat.tv.

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