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FAVI Smartstick and FAVI Bluetooth Mini Keyboard controller featured on Geek magazine.

With networked Blu-ray players and other set-top options, it’s getting easier to turn your regular TV into a “smart” TV for access to content providers such as Netfilx, Hulu, HBO GO and so on. But perhaps there is no easier way to transplant a brain into your “dumb” set than with the Android-powered Favi SmartStick. It quickly plugs into any free HDMI port and powers on automatically. It comes with an infrared remote, but we tested it with the optional Bluetooth keyboard/trackpad via USB dongle and by using an iPhone running the Google TV app. The SmartStick has built-in Wi-Fi for accessing apps, games and entertainment content, or for a faster connection you can use any USB-based Ethernet adapter. Any USB 2.0 drive or fat 32 Micro SD card can be used to get media to and from the device. Not that you’ll need to, as one of the coolest features on the SmartStick is the PLEX Media Server, which allows you to stream content right off your computer over the network. You have access to all your music, movies and pictures right from your TV. Once it was set up, we found ourselves kicking back on the couch using it to play games from the Android store, read email, surf the Web, watch Netflix and YouTube and stream movies right off an iMac over Wi-Fi.

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