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FAVI Android SmartStick with 1080p Media Streaming (built-in WiFi)

Gear Addix reviews the Smartstick and Smartstick keyboard controller.  According to Gear Addix: "Bigger is better."

Let’s face it, television is not the entertainment juggernaut that it once was. Sure it’s nice to watch crisp clean images in the third dimension on your 62″ HDTV. But can you play Angry Birds on it? Can you update your Facebook status on it? Well, unless you’ve plopped out another couple of thousand dollars on one of the new Smart TVs in the market, then the answer would be no. That is until now.

FAVI developed a brand new device called that SmartStick that essentially can turn any HDTV with an HDMI port into a Smart TV. With the SmartStick attached, you can browse the web, download apps, stream music, movies, and even play games. Joey and I took the SmartStick for a test drive in our dressing room and documented our experience. Check it out!!!

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