Must-have iPad Gear

FAVI J6-LED-PICO is mentioned as a must-have gear for iPad.

Do you remember classic projectors? The old, clunky ones teachers still wheel into classrooms, barely avoiding desk corners as they're pushed into place? Yeah, me too. Which is why the Pico+ Pocket Projector caught my attention. Not much larger than a smartphone, this is ideal for on-the-go presentation needs. The setup directions are confusing and the fan is slightly loud when audio isn’t playing; however, the picture boasts up to 1080p resolution and the versatility of viewing options (with support for Wi-Fi, HDMI, SD card, and USB) is exceptional. While it doesn’t replace a full-size projector, the Favi Pocket Projector is perfect for family movies on the lawn, roundtable discussions, and lightweight business travel. 

Check out the full list on iPhone Life November/October 2015 edition.

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