FAVI Electric Screen Replacement RF Remote for Controller Box CY-801MT

FAVI Electric Screen Replacement RF Remote for Controller Box CY-801MT

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Replacement RF remote control for FAVI electric projection screens.

Compatible with FAVI Screen Models: HD-82, HD-92, HD-100, HD-120, HD-150, HD-180, HD-200, P-100, P-120 WITH Controller Box Style CY-801MT.

**Includes 1 x RF remote.  Does not include IR remote or batteries.**


    • Before purchasing please verify your motorized projector screen controller box number is CY-801MT. This is found on the backside of the screen controller box.
    • If you have a different controller box model, contact us for available inventory.  Inventory for older style remotes are not guaranteed.  Please have the following information available:
      • Projector screen model
      • Controller box model number or style
      • Front and back images of the controller box


      1. Unscrew the back cover of the remote with a Phillips head screwdriver and insert the battery.
      2. Please verify that the battery is working properly and fully charged by pressing any button on the remote. If working properly you should see the red light flash when you press a button on the remote.
      3. If the screen does not work then you will need to pair your remote to the screen controller box. See instructions below.
      1. Hold the stop button on the controller box for 3-8 seconds (until you hear a double-beep) and then press any button on the remote.
      2. Hold the up and down buttons for 3 seconds on each remote, separately.
      **You may need to perform these resets a several times while unplugging and re-plugging in the screen.

          Tech Specs



          Compatibility Models:

          FAVI electric screens with Controller Box Model CY-801MT

          In the Box

          1 x RF Remote Control

          NOTICE: Battery not included. Remote requires 1 x 23A/12V Battery.