Projector Mount Instructions

How to assemble, and use your FAVI projector mount with a Rio V3 projector

Before beginning, you will need to have the following tools handy: An allen wrench (this should have come with your mount), and a Phillips head screwdriver. 

Note: This mount comes with a bag of extra hardware intended to be used for different models of projectors. The following instructions are intended for using this mount with the Rio V3 projector.


Step 1: Place your Rio V3 projector upside down on a clean towel, or other soft surface to avoid scratching it.


Step 2: Remove the round black rear mounting feet. With them removed, your projector should look something like this:


Step 3: Locate the bracket that attaches to the projector. It should look like this:

Note the screws that are pointed out by the two red arrows in the image. You will need to remove these screws to allow the bracket to be adjusted to fit your projector.


Step 4: There is a small plastic bag of screws and other hardware that should have come with your projector. Inside it should be two short, and two longer screws. The short screws are about 1/2 an inch long, while the longer screws are over an inch in length. (Note: your projector mount's hardware bag may also have these longer screws)

The longer screws are for the two small mounting holes near the projector's lens, while the two shorter screws are for the holes where the rear mounting feet were. Adjust the bracket so that its feet are lined up with the proper mounting holes, insert the screws, then tighten then with a Phillips head screwdriver. Then tighten all the remaining screws with the allen wrench. After tightening all the screws on the bracket, you should have something like this:



Step 5: Locate the swivel mechanism. It should look like this:

There are two screws in this piece that need to be temporarily removed with the allen wrench. Then you can slide this piece into the top of the projector bracket. There are two rivets which slide into the bracket like so:

When inserted properly, it should look like this:

Then re insert the two screws you removed earlier, and tighten them. After the projector is mounted, you can loosen these screws to change the projector's angle.

Step 6: Locate the height adjuster. It should look like this:

Tighten the screw on the white metal tab to lock the assembly into place. Later, you can loosen this screw to adjust the height.


Step 7: Insert the larger end of the height adjuster into the top of the swivel bracket. Four screws from the projector mount's accessory bag are needed to secure it into place.


Final step: Locate the ceiling mount bracket and attach it to the top of the height adjuster. Four more screws are needed to secure it into place. 


When completed, your projector mount should look like it does in the image below, and will be ready to mount to the ceiling.