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Model No. Documents
A3-WiFi User Guide
This product is discontinued.
B1-LED-PICO User Guide
This product is discontinued.
  • User Guide
  • Can the projector bulb be replaced?

    As with any LED projector, this projector does not allow for bulb replacement, the unit must be replaced. We do offer repair if you choose to send us the projector. Estimated cost of repair work by FAVI is approximately $109 and can be initiated by contacting us.

BOOM02-LG Series
User Guide
This product is discontinued.
BOOM02-SM Series
User Guide
This product is discontinued.
E1-LED-PICO User Guide
This product is discontinued.
E3-LED-PICO User Guide
This product is discontinued.
Electric Projector Screen Series
HD-82, HD-92, HD-100, HD-120, HD-150, HD-180, HD-200, P-100, P-120
  • User Guide
  • System Requirements Computer/Operating System

    Windows 10 (or later) computers/tablets/phones
    Note: Ensure the latest Windows updates are installed. If a device was originally preinstalled with a prior version of Windows (Windows 8, Win7, Vista or XP), please contact the OEM (original equipment manufacturer). Not compatible with Microsoft Surface RT. Full functionality not available with non HDCP devices.

    All Android 4.2.1 (or later) tablets/phones
    Note: Full functionality not available with non HDCP devices

    All Airplay enabled Mac (OS X Mountain Lion v10.8 or later) computers including:
    - iMac (Mid 2011 or later)
    - Mac mini (Mid 2011 or later)
    - MacBook Air (Mid 2011 or later)
    - MacBook Pro (Early 2011 or later)
    - Mac Pro (Late 2013 or later)
    All Airplay enabled iOS 8 (or later) iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch including:

    - iPhone 5 or later
    - iPad mini or iPad (4th generation or later)
    - iPod touch (5th generation or later)

  • Are there any plan for general updates or iOS 8 or highter updates?

    The display adapter is discontinued. No plan for newer update has been announced.

FE-KR26-BL User Guide
FE01 Series
FE01-BL, FE01-GR, FE01-P, FE01-SL, FE01-WH
Included in: SS-4GB-K, SS-8GB-K
FEIBT02 Series
User Guide
Fixed Frame Screen Series
FF3-HD-100, FF3-HD-120, FF3-HD-135, FF3-HD-150
User Guide
Floor Stand Screen Series
FS-HD-100, FS-P-60, FS-P-80, FS-P-100
User Guide
FP3-BL User Guide
FPM1949LT3W (Pro AV - Wall Mount) User Guide
FPM2338HT1W (Pro AV - Ceiling Mount) User Guide
J4-LED-PICO User Guide
J5-PICO-HD / J5-LED-PICO Quick Setup Guide
  • Change Language Guide
  • Quick Power Guide
  • Quick Setup Guide
  • User Guide
  • How do I change the language settings?

    1. Enter into the Wi-Fi Display interface ---- Select DLNA mode.
    2. Open your Wi-Fi network setting on your phone ---- find the Wi-Fi hotspot of the Projector (PROJECTOR-DC36AA) ----- Input password (12345678) and connect to the projector.
    3. Launch the browser on your phone and input the IP:
    4. Select the settings icon. Change the language to English. Hit the Submit button right below the language option.
    5. The J6 Wi-Fi display interface will go to a blue color and after that the English version of the Wi-Fi Display interface will appear.

  • How do I operate Miracast?

    First connect your Pico+ to your Wi-Fi network. Once connected, then launch DLNA. Then login, click your Wi-Fi and type in the password.

  • How do I switch from Mircast to DLNA (AirPlay) Mode?

    By briefly sliding the switch back (towards the rear of the projector) and then letting the switch spring back to its resting position, you can toggle between Miracast and DLNA (AirPlay) modes.

  • How do I connect the wifi to my iPad and other iOS devices?

    1. Go to settings on iOS device and select Wi-Fi
    2. Select projector Wi-Fi network listed on the projector screen. Enter password given on the projector screen and connect.
    3. Open browser on the iOS device and enter the IP address given on the projector screen (
    4. Click the Wi-Fi button shown on the webpage of the iOS device.
    5. Select your Wi-Fi network AP and enter the password.
    6. Go back to home page. Swipe up from bottom of iOS device. Select Airplay button and select projector.

  • Can I connect my device via the USB port?

    The USB port on the J6 is only used for media play back (or charging).

  • How can I play YouTube videos?

    If you are using the YouTube app, it will only accept airplay calls from an apple TV. The must access from within the safari browser.

  • What is the minimum/maximum image size?

    The minimum image size is 15" and the maximum image size is 100" (measured diagonally). The FAVI J6 has a throw ratio of 1.19

  • Is the projector compatible with Windows 8.1?

    Yes. On your Windows 8.1 device...
    1. Swipe left on the right edge of the screen
    2. Click on Devices
    3. Click on Project
    4. Click on Add a Wireless Display
    5. On the next screen Click Add a Device
    6. Select the Projector Device from the list to connect

  • Why might my Wi-Fi connection drop between my cell phone and projector?

    Make sure that the projector and mobile device are in close proximity to one another.

  • How long must the projector charge before it reaches a full battery and how long will the battery last?

    Approximately 5 hours and the projector will be fully charged. The projector will last 2 hours in projector mode.

  • Is the projector compatible with iOS9 or greater?

    Due to updates made to airplay function by apple in iOS9+ devices the J6-LED-PICO projector requires an internal board replacement for compatibility. A projector board upgrade and installation is available for $109 and can be initiated by contacting us.
    NOTE: An option to consider is using an Apple TV box via HDMI to the projector. This may be more cost effective.

J7-LED-PICO User Guide
L1918A Series
L1918A-V-BL, L1918A-V-P, L1918A-V-WH
User Guide
This product is discontinued.
L1918A2 Series
L1918A2-V-BL, L1918A2-V-P, L1918A2-V-WH
User Guide
This product is discontinued.
L2626EA Series
L2626EA-V-BL, L2626EA-V-P, L2626EA-V-WH
User Guide
This product is discontinued.
L2626EA2 Series
L2626EA2-V-BL, L2626EA2-V-P, L2626EA2-V-WH
User Guide
This product is discontinued.
L3226EA Series
L3226EA-BL, L3226EA-P, L3226EA-WH
User Guide
This product is discontinued.
L4226EA Series
L4226EA-BL, L4226EA-WH
User Guide
This product is discontinued.
Manual Pull Down Screen Series
PD-1-72, PD-HD-72, PD-HD-92, PD-HD-100, PD-HD-120, PD-P-72, PD-P-92, PD-P-100, PD-P-120
User Guide
MS02-WH / FE-Q8-BL Quick Start Guide
This product is discontinued.
P-MOUNT-BL (DIY - Wall Mount) User Guide
PVC Screen Material
User Guide
RioHD-LED-2 This product is discontinued.
RioHD-LED-4 This product is discontinued.
RioHD-LED-4S This product is discontinued.
RioHD-LED-K1 Series
  • User Guide
  • Can Rio Series projector bulb be replaced?

    As with any LED projector, the Rio Series LED design does not allow for bulb replacement, the unit must be replaced. However, we do offer repair if you choose to send us the projector. Estimated cost of repair work by FAVI is approximately $109 and can be initiated by contacting us.

  • How can I prolong my projector's bulb?

    A projector's location, how often it's left on, etc. can affect the life of a projector bulb. Changing the air filter can prolong the bulb life.

  • How do I purchase a replacement remote?

    To purchase a replacement remote, please contact us and let us know you would like to purchase a replacement remote for the RioHD-LED-K1.

  • User Guide
  • How can I change my projector's aspect ratio?

    Current industry technology typically incorporates a pixel down scaling method to switch between 16:9 and 4:3 aspect ratios. This technology will scale down the native pixel resolution to fit a wide screen, 16:9 aspect ratio, but in the process will create a loss in image quality. We do incorporate this same aspect ratio switching technology for S-Video, and composite source inputs, where a standard quality picture will suffice. However, for high definition capable inputs such as Component and HDMI, the most important concern is obtaining best possible picture. When designing the FAVI Rio series, we believed it most important to maintain this high level of picture quality. So we chose not to include an aspect ratio switch for the HDMI, and Component inputs. When set on HDMI source, many newer media types such as Blu-ray will usually play in wide screen mode regardless of the aspect ratio setting.
    Our FAVI handheld projector will only display in a 4:3 aspect ratio. This is considered ideal for computer based presentations.

This product is discontinued.
S2C04 Series
S2C04-BL, S2C04-WH
User Guide
S2C06 Series
S2C06-BL, S2C06-WH
User Guide
S2C08 Series
S2C08-BL, S2C08-WH
User Guide
SmartStick 1
Included in: SS-4GB-K, SS-8GB-K
SmartStick 2 / KidStick
  • User Guide
  • Latest Firmware

    SmartStick SSV2K Firmware

  • How to uninstall an app?

    To uninstall apps from the SmartStick 2, go to the Parent interface and find the app you wish to uninstall.  Select and hold desired app until you see one of the below pop up options to "Uninstall" (as shown below).  Select "Uninstall" to uninstall and completely remove app on the SmartStick 2.  If you have the app on the Kids Zone, it will be deleted as well.

  • How to add or remove an app from the Kids Zone?

    To add apps to the Kids Zone interface, make sure the app is already installed on the Parent interface.  On the Parent interface, select and hold desired app until you see the pop up option to "Add to Kids Zone" (as shown below).  Select "Add to Kids Zone" to add app to the Kids Zone.  If app is not installed on the Parent interface, go to Google Play Store and install the app first.

    To remove apps from the Kids Zone interface, go to the Parent interface and find the app you wish to remove from the Kids Zone.  From the Parent interface, select and hold desired app until you see the pop up option to "Remove from Kids Zone" (as shown below).  Select "Remove from Kids Zone" to remove app from the Kids Zone interface, but keep app in the Parent interface.

  • How to reset Parental Lock Passcode?

    Unfortunately, the only way to reset the passcode currently is to reset the SmartStick.  All your data will be lost once the SmartStick is reset.

  • How to turn off the SmartStick?

    The SmartStick is designed to stay connected to your TV’s HDMI port.  There is no need to remove the Stick when it is not in use, simply switch your TV to a different Source or Input.  The SmartStick will turn off when you turn off your TV.

  • Why doesn’t the “Power” or “Volume” buttons work on the included remote?

    The included remote has IR learning and can learn your TV Remote’s "Power" and "Volume" controls.  You can program the included remote to learn your TV Remote's "Power" and "Volume" by doing the following:
    1. Hold the top of the SmartStick Remote and your TV Remote so their IR sensors are about 2-inches parallel to each other (as shown below) for better communication.

    2. On the SmartStick Remote, hold down the "Power" button for 3 seconds (until you see the IR light comes on -- solid red) to enter IR Learning Mode.
    3. On the SmartStick Remote, Press the "Power" button again to indicate you want to set it (you should see the IR light flash red slowly).
    4. On your TV Remote, press and hold the "Power" button until the IR light flashes red quickly to indicates pairing was successful.
    5. On the SmartStick Remote press the "Vol +" (slow red flash), then on your TV Remote press and hold "VOL +" until the IR light flashes red quickly.
    6. Repeat step 5 for "Vol -".
    7. To exit the IR Learning Mode, wait until the red IR light on the SmartStick Remote turns off (5-10 seconds).

  • Where is the remote USB receiver?

    The remote USB receiver is located inside the back cover of the remote.  Once you find your your USB receiver, plug it into the USB port on the SmartStick.

    If you cannot find the USB receiver there, please contact us.

  • What kind of batteries do the remote need?

    The remote requires two AAA batteries (not included).

  • Why can’t the directional arrow be used to navigate some apps?

    Because most apps created for Google Play are designed for touch screen and are touch enabled, some apps may not have directional key enable on their apps.  For these apps, you can use the air mouse on the included remote or a computer mouse with a USB receiver to navigate the app.

  • Can a mini or full-size keyboard be used with the SmartStick 2?

    Yes, most standard computer keyboard and mouse will work with the SmartStick as long as it has a USB receiver to connect to the SmartStick.  

    We also suggest our FAVI SmartStick Mini Wireless Keyboard with Touchpad, if you are looking for something smaller and portable.

  • Why doesn’t some games or apps work on the SmartStick 2?

    You can download various apps from the Google Play Store onto the SmartStick.  However, some games or apps may not be fully compatible due to the app being heavily touch enable.

  • Additional Support

    For additional support for the SmartStick 2/KidStick, please contact us or visit the Community Support Forum for help.

SmartStick 4
SWiQ-BL User Guide
Tabletop Screen Series
User Guide
Tripod Screen Series
TRI-1-70, TRI-1-80, TRI-HD-72, TRI-HD-82, TRI-HD-106, TRI-HD-120, TRI-P-80, TRI-P-90, TRI-P-100, TRI-P-120
User Guide

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